It was born in this atypical year, but it was conceptualizes then years ago. 

There are different ways of representing the same object, and simultaneously construct with it. Hands are a manner of speaking and they can express many feelings. Usually when we think, we express our feelings and moods using our hands. This part of the body, that we use spontaneously, carry a lot of individual information.They also hold, comfort, articulate words (sign language), create sounds and feeling, and even have the power of healing. To work with this tool is to be in a direct contact with the ideias.

As I´ve always been fascinated by the lighting; the shadows, the dark, the magic that only light can transmit to us. 

This lamp is the result of what a simple position can give to us.  Also this lamp it is easy to transport, and you can also play in four different layings. 

Feel free to contact me if you want specific colors.

multicolor     green     pink     blue

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